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What is important to know when redesigning a Facade?

When it comes to renovating or refurbishing a facade with a choice of decorative shapes, whether it is a house, hotel or building, there are several important things to keep in mind:

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Color Options

Choosing Color

The current one will be refreshed or another will be chosen? Also - will there be a combination of two or more colors? The choice and combination of colors is an important point in facade decoration. You can read our tips in the article

How to choose a color for the facade?

Facing Materials

The facade will be lined with wood, stone or other facing materials? This also includes the areas in the plinth, terraces and floor space like slabs. Take advantage of our 3D visualization service, with which you can see in depth how different materials can be combined
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    Modern Design

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    Color Scheme

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    Facing Combination

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Архитектурен Дизайн

Choosing Design

Classic or modern, combination with accents, simple or richer facade style. Check out our conceptual designs and choose the style you like best.


You will insulate or have a building insulation already installed? Depending on the choice of material for thermal insulation, we offer products for thermal insulation and decoration in one. You can read about their benefits in the article:

Rustication & Ornaments

Rustication & Insulation

Hide Gutters

Clear Out Visually

Is there a need to hide certain details like gutters, drains, cable ducts and more for a better look? Explore products that may be helpful to you

Windows & Doors

Will the windows be replaced? We offer practical profiles for easy linear conversion of doors and windows. See options:

Light Interior & Exterior Colors

Regardless of the facade redesign and how you do it, be creative, get ideas to stimulate your imagination and trust the professionals!
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