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How to choose a color for the facade?

Although difficult at first glance, choosing a color and color combination for the facade is actually an interesting activity through which you can express your personal art essence. We have selected seven important tips from our experience for you:

Colorful but appropriately combined facades

Surrounding Architectural Environment

Consider your surrounding property and infrastructure. Let the urge to distinguish your facade from the neighboring ones not turn into screaming difference and visual pollution.

Architectural Highlights

Ornamentation, Cornice with Decoration, Window Frames


Do you have parts of the building that you want to highlight and stand out? Choose for them a contrast of the base color, in the same range or in a matching one. You can order a 3D Visualization from us

Highlights with Color

Monochrome Facade

Heavy Decoration

If your house has a rich facade decoration, choose only one color for the facade. You can paint the ornaments in all or contrasting colors of the base.

Clean Lines

For more simple or modern facade ornaments, use at least two facade colors. Take a look at our design projects with suggestions for color decoration of the facade.

Flat & Corner Columns

Accent Colors

Follow Trends

Trends change, so if you use accent colors, make sure they are in an easily accessible location in case of future changing them

Indoor and Outside

You can match the exterior colors with the colors in your home's interior - creating a flow between the inside and the outside and achieving lasting calm and connection as you enter or exit.

Light Interior & Exterior Colors

Remember that facade finishes & facing, if any, are also part of the color composition, so the colors should either correspond with them or emphasize them. Deciding on the right color decorating and implementing it for your home will make you proud and happy.

Facade Facing

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