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Collection of columns and elements for interior and exterior. All column products we produce are specially designed for their various uses and are classic or modern in design.
You can dress existing columns with decorative sheaths, use semi-circular, round, flat or square sections of pilasters and column bodies for your facade decoration.

3D Situation Sketch

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  • Preview of
    1 Situation
  • V-Ray Pictures & Sections
  • Optional color of the Facade
  • Design of Materials

* The sketch is a solution and a proposal for an individual situation

U Shaped Gutter Profile

59 *
6 m'
  • Column Model CS001
  • Classic Shape 14 х 16 cm
  • High QUality Coating
  • Ready for Painting
  • 3D Sketch of Situation
  • 5% Off Next Order Discount

Classic Columns Shells

249 *
2 Columns
  • Column Model C007
  • Luxury Shape ф 20, h 240 cm
  • High Quality Coating
  • Cap & Base Included
  • Ready for Painting
  • 3 year Product Warranty
  • 7% Off Next Order Discount
* Plus VAT for EU customers

Column orders and styles

Get inspired by ancient orders in architecture

PS Designers

Corinthian Capital

PS Designers


Ionian order

The delicate proportions of the Ionian columns and the beauty of the currencies of their capitals! The Ionian style is considered to be the most elegant and proportionate. Characteristic of this order is the capitol, in the formation of which forms-currencies are used, as well as slots-grooves along the body of the column, called flutes.
PS Designers


Tuscan order

Smooth friezes and shapes, pure elegance in curves! This style is more modern than the Ionian, but in no case less impressive and beautiful. The body of the column is smooth without flutes, the capitula is of a suitable clean frieze, the base also. The cornice over the columns is usually very large, without decorative applications
  • PS Designers

    Column Base

    The base, the lower support of the column
  • PS Designers

    Body - Pilaster

    The body of the column can be smooth or with flutes
  • PS Designers


    Ornaments the column and gives a look to the function of the column


    Please take the necessary dimensions so that we can consult you properly. You will get the proportional dimensions for the rest of the column from us

    Column Casing

    We design shells for columns already built, giving them a unique appearance. Do you have an oval or square column and want to dress it with a different-style decorative wrap?
    PS Designers

    Column Shell

    Advantages of flat columns

    They emphasize the facade decoration beautifully. They are used to distinguish vertical architecture such as niches, balconies, entrances or windows. They frame the corners of the facade and can conceal drainage pipes or cables
    PS Designers


    Pilasters for facades

    Each entrance, any facade can be emphasized and decorated with pilasters and polystyrene half columns. They can be not only shells but also functional. In modern or classic style, with additional elements such as gables, props or decorative panels
    PS Designers


    PS Designers

    Column Collection

    Column models and column casings

    Choose from antique orders and many modern options

    • PS Designers

      Spiral Flute

      Interior & Exterior Columns
    • PS Designers

      Classic Pilasters

      Interior & Exterior Columns
    • PS Designers

      Wooden Casing

      Interior Columns

    The essence of the column

    In civil engineering, the column is a vertical structural element that transfers the pressure of the structure above it to the structural elements below it. Columns are often used to support beams or arches on which ceilings or walls rest

    Endless Opportunities

    • PS Designers

      Facade, Moldings & Columns

      Columns performing decorative function
      dressing existing construction and gutters
    • PS Designers

      Garden gazebo

      Columns performing decorative
      and supporting function of pergolas
    • PS Designers

      Window framed in Columns

      Columns hiding gutters
      creating an architectural element on the facade
    • PS Designers

      Entrance with Columns

      Decoration of existing entrance columns
    PS Designers

    The choice is yours

    Regardless of the order, style, design and size of the elements you choose for your columns, it is very important to know that our products are installed during the application of the thermal insulation system. Get plenty of time to choose if the items you order from us are boutique

    PS Designers

    Classic Columns

    Major Antique Column Orders

    Specific to the Ionian capital are the so-called. Currencies - curled shapes symbolizing a rolled up papyrus. The Doric capital is the most common classic version of the capital. At present, any suitable section profile for this type of capitol can be used. The Corinthian capital can also be seen as an extension of the Ionian. The leaves can be either sketchy, raw or undercooked, or extravagantly shaped and pruned or completely natural. The modern type includes forms that do not conform to ancient orders and architecture. They only fully comply with pre-existing facade or interior decoration. It is possible to use elements of ancient orders, as well as to mix them according to needs.

    PS Designers


    PS Designers

    Capital Models

    Flat, Round and Ornamented


    Capitals Collection

    You can choose from several antique orders and many modern variants


    Facade and Interior
    Capital - the upper component of a column or pilaster. The formation of the capital in ancient architecture depends on the type of classical architectural order.

    PS Designers

    Column Bases

    The specific style of architecture for Columns


    Bases collection

    Antiquity Today

    Column Base - The lower component of a column or pilaster, also known as a pedestal or column base. The formation of the foundation in ancient architecture depends on the type of classical architectural order, and in modern architecture many proportions, shapes and sizes are possible, depending on the other facade or interior decoration.

    Decorative Element

    At different times and styles, the base has a different shape - cylindrical, parallelepiped, truncated cone, etc.

    Bases Dimensions

    The capitals and bases made by us can be used with all shapes and cross sections of different columns whether they are for shells, round or flat

    PS Designers


    Balustrades and Railings Forms


    Collection railing

    PS Designers


    Stylish solution for any railing and balcony

    Balusters application

    Our model balusters are lightweight and can wear metal railings, making them a classic balustrade. The semi-balusters are glued seamlessly to the glass and the facade

    PS Designers

    Decoration for Entrances

    Arches and columns for Entrances


    Collection Entrance

    Facade decoration Entrance door

    Typically, the roof of the portico is supported by columns, and the entrance is decorated with a frame, props and pediment. The various combinations between the decorative shapes we offer are suitable for every style and taste
    PS Designers


    Pediment Decor with Corbesl in combination with a window frame
    PS Designers


    Square Column
    PS Designers


    Main Cornice
    PS Designers

    Section of Column Sheath

    Installation of Columns in Arch Opening

    PS Designers
    Columns and Sheaths are used to decorate different types of inlets and openings. With our products, you can turn a rectangular hole into an arch or use props to get an interesting hole shape
    • DG101

      PS Designers
    • DG102

      PS Designers
    • DG103

      PS Designers

    What Else?

    Свързани Продукти за Фасадна Декорация

    Your Columns & Cover Shells

    • Column Shell

      We make styrofoam shells for columns already built, giving them a unique look. If you have an oval, square or other column and you want to dress it with a decorative oval shell that gives style or you don't have any columns at all, and you want to build them in a specific place with a decorative application.
    • Whole Column or Shell

      Different decorative applications can be made for each type of column, giving it personality and style. The curved column shapes are a modern variant not completely in line with the ancient orders, but nevertheless they are beautiful especially in the garden

    3D Visualizations

    Exterior rendering of columns and Facade decoration

    3D Requirements

    Your 3D Visualization

    • 3D Preview Requirements

    • Drawing or sketch of the situation
    • Description in free text
    • Pictures of Facades or Interiors
    • Choose from our 3D products
    If you are hesitant about which option is best for your house, building, interior or restaurant, we suggest you to create 3D visualization for them with the facade or interior decoration offered

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