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Your 3D

A360 supported Visualization

Easy Preview

We turn working design files into a smart shared place to work with Autodesk A360. All participants in the project are free to comment on it

Online Easy Preview

Models & Sketchs Online

Look at models and drawings right away. With the help of Autodesk A360, which is a powerful and fast online software without any additional installation. There is functionality and accessibility across all mobile devices

Fast access and easy sharing

Find, share, and write notes for your online 3D visualization!

Easy Access to
2D и 3D Files

We view all models and drawings directly in a browser or on a mobile device in real time. We enlarge, walk and change complex models directly

Easy Access to 2D и 3D Files

You save time and software

Easily and securely share large and complex 3D models and 2D drawings. Embed or upload your site and create an instant email or chat link

Easy Control

Permission features let you control access to files, downloads, and duration for each member of your team

Easy File

We upload every file to the A360, then create a share link to an email, chat or site. Quick sharing between your entire work team - colleagues, designers and clients

Easy File Sharing

Control the Process

Without the need for downloading, browse, you can copy and modify the design at the same time. We communicate freely with designers and clients, commenting and making decisions together

Quickly find the information you need

Navigate easily across models on a browser or mobile device. No need to search for emails and multicast attachments


Send Us Picture of your Facade

Poperly shot facade

  • Capture the angle you want to visualize
  • Cover at least two facade walls of the building
  • Take the photo in long range perspective

Rendering & Modeling

With the modeling service, we start the journey from image and thought to the final rendering result.
We model and visualize your building object


with us in 3D

We Work Together Online

In Autodesk A360 you can see a 3D model of your house, building and decorative elements on the facades. Color scheme choices, sizes and you can work with us as we model

PS Designers

For You, Architects & Designers

Drawing or sketch of the Building object

We also work with drawings in electronic format such as DWG and DXF. Take advantage of our products and define their signatures as well as where you want them to be displayed. You can send us a photo or sketch of your favorite decoration

PS Designers

On any device, Anywhere, Any time

With the A360 app on your smartphone or tablet, you can view, share, comment and
markup designs on the go. Free to download, simple and intuitive to use.


View 3D CAD files

PS Designers

Inquiry for 3D Visualization

PS Designers

А360 Projects

Check out our 3D designs and completed offerings of facades and architectural ornaments. See how your building looks decorated with our products!
  • Modern Design

    Gutter Cornice | Window Trim Frames
  • Architectural Curves

    Arches | Moldings | Corbels
  • Classic Facade Decoration

    Main Cornice | Key Stone | Capital

PS Designers

Our Products

  • PS Designers

    Window Collection | Window Frames

    Trim & Sill
  • PS Designers

    Crown Epistylia | Ornamented Profiles

    Ornate Cornices
  • PS Designers

    Formo | Interior & Accessories

    Interior Decorations
  • PS Designers

    Molding | Facade Moldings

    Decorative Ideas
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Lumina | Hidden Lighting

    Hidden Lighting Collection
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Column | Columns & Capitals

    Lux Collection
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Classic | Main Cornice

    Supreme Collection
  • PS Designers

    Green | Vertical Green

    Vertical Garden
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Corbel | Frontons & Corbels

    Delux Composition
  • PS Designers

    Letters & 3D Advertising

    Advertising Products
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Gutter Cornice

    Crown Moldings
  • PS Designers

    Ceramic Inspiration | Glass Mosaic

    Trend Collection
    SPA & Bathroom
  • PS Designers

    Rustication & Ornaments

    Quoin & Insulation
  • PS Designers

    Panels & Design Walls

    Individual Proposals
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Chaise Longue | SPA & Wellness

    SPA Collection
    SPA & Bathroom

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