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Cornices Motives & Ornaments

Stucco Moldings Collection Crown Epistylia

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    Main Cornice
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    Main Cornice & Corbels
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    Main Cornice for Gutter Itegration
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    Main Cornice for Gutter with Corbels
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    Main Cornice with Hidden Lighting integrated

Ornamented Profiles Timeline

We love to combine innovative thinking with great design

Usability & Benefits

Whats important, before place your order of facade moldings


А -Entablature an element of Architrave, Friese and Cornice


C - the top of the Entablature


A - The triglyph covers and forms the edges of the supporting beams of the roof structure

Decorative Corbel

Modilion Corbel with floral ornaments, stylizes Column


Support Column with Ballasters, Beam and Handle
PS Designers

Recommended Dimensions

Table of dimensions
PS Designers

Working Sketch

Luxury decorative profiles

The exterior facade decoration that enables you to turn any building into a work of art is a set of elements, profiles and details

Installation Instructions

Important instructions for quality and easy installation

Montage Advise

Facade elements and decorations should be installed Before laying the final plaster of thermal insulation

Types of Decoration

  • 3D Application
  • 3D Ornamentation
  • Floral Deocration
  • Corbels & Deco Shapes


  • Main Cornice
  • Gutter Cornice
  • Universal Profile
  • Hidden Lighting
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    Classical Molding with Decoration
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    Unique Flоral motives
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    Profile with Architrav in classic form
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    Wall covering profile

Easy Installation

Durable Flex Cover

Guaranteed Quality

Ready for Painting

Variety of Ornaments

Quality of Coating

We offer quality products with a long-term guarantee for their durability and performance.
Facade decorative profiles with ornaments are of many types of ornaments and can be changed.

Decorative coatings makes them suitable for interior and exterior usage

PS Designers
PS Designers

Classic Facades

Stucco Profiles

Deco Ornamentation Collection


Embossed Motifs

PS Designers Ltd.

The profiles with decoration are very impressive and pleasing to the eye, changing the visual and stylish appearance of any facade of a building. You choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.
Because there are many options for decoration, we show you our best suggestions for achieving a design result when combined with facade lighting. You can use them as Sofit Cornice & Eaves Molding

Frame Profile

3D window frame with elegant decorative tiles. Dimensions: 165 х 30 mm



Universal Profile

A beautiful universal cornice with decorative motifs. Size: 170 х 100 mm


Main Deco Cornice

Main Cornice with three-fold curved decoration, slope and recess. Size: 255 х 170 mm

Gutter Cornice

Double decorative highlighting with Main Cornice supports for gutter. Dimensions: 285 х 285 mm


Frame Profile

Elegant Window Frame with decorative struts.Dimensions: 120 х 50 mm



Window Sill Profile

Window sill profile with double beveled decorative panels. Dimensions: 140 х 60 mm


Linear Molding

Linear Stucco profile with rustic decorative tiles. Dimensions: 140 х 60 mm

Universal Profile

Beautiful versatile profile with props. Dimensions: 265 х 140 mm


Cornice for Fronton

Profile with comb type decoration. Suitable for Gables and Capitals. Dimensions: 265 х 140 mm


Stucco Cornices

Decorative Ornaments Collection


Rich Ornamentation

PS Designers Ltd.

When an ornate motif is added to a standard profile shape by a support, ornament, stone, rhombus, or appropriate and beautifully matched decoration, the result is always exceptional.
The embossed decoration motifs shown are classic yet modern. They are designed and fully complied with all the correct proportions and decorative facade lines.

Window Profile

Profile with decoration props. Suitable for Gables and Windows. Dimensions: 270 х 140 mm



Stucco Cornice Decorative

Profile with decoration props. Suitable for Gables and Capitals. Dimensions: 250 х 170 mm


Main Cornice

Large Roof Cornice with decoration props. Suitable for Capital. Dimensions: 730 х 420 mm

Main Deco Cornice

Eaves with three-level rich decorative ornamentation. Dimensions: 400 х 435 mm


Profile without Angle

Bevelled Angle Profile with large round decoration. Dimensions: 150 х 145 mm



Main Stucco Cornice

Cornice with toothpick denticles. Suitable for Roof space. Dimensions: 345 х 260 mm


Stucco Molding with Application

Large Profile with Deco Applique. Suitable for Windows, Terraces and Pediment. Dimensions: 415 х 185 mm

Bevelled Profile

Profile with comb type decoration. Suitable for Roof space. Size: 180 х 140 mm


Main Deco Cornice

Large Cornice with three-level rich decorative ornamentation. Dimensions: 460 х 380 mm


PS Designers

Let's make something awesome together.


Decorative Ornaments Collection


Luxury Shapes

PS Designers Ltd.

We have selected for you the most functional and beautiful shapes that can easily be used as a cap, a main gutter cornice, a profile for hidden LED lighting or a stylish window frame.
These special offers are often used in luxury interiors such as casinos, hotels and halls. The ornate styrofoam profiles are stylish and are also appropriate in home interiors as an accent.

Deco Stucco Cornice

Main Cornice for Roofing with Comb type decoration. Dimensions: 260 х 230 mm



Gutter Profile

Beveled Cornice for Gutter with decorative curved elements. Dimensions: 260 х 290 mm


Frame Stucco Profile

Beautiful Window profile with double beveled decorative panels. Size: 150 х 55 mm

Profile with Application

Profile with Deco Applique. Suitable for Windows, Terraces and Pediment. Size: 195 х 35 mm


Profile with Application

Profile with Deco Applique. Suitable for Windows, Terraces and Pediment. Size: 150 х 35 mm



Stucco Window Sill

Window Profile with Decorative Supports. Size: 250 х 90 mm


Rustic Window Decoration

Window Decorative Rustic Panel. Dimensions: 520 х 75 mm

Large Deco Molding

Large Cornice with three-level rich decorative ornamentation. Dimensions: 380 х 300 mm


Gutter Stucco Mold

Large Cornice for Gutter with decoration props. Size: 320 х 275 mm


What's more?

Related Products for Facade Decorators

Profiles with Decoration

  • 3D Application

    Typically used for facade decoration of frame profiles, floor moldings and terrace profiles. Application motifs are floral or geometric.
  • Extensive Multi-Stage Decoration

    Suitable for decorating larger profiles and moldings such as main and roof cornice, gable profiles, storeys and terrace profiles. Combine different types of application and volume ornamentation

3D Modelling Cornices

Ornamental Product 3D previews

Requirements for 3D

Your 3D Preview

  • 3D Preview Requirements

  • Drawing or sketch of the Building
  • Pictures of Facades or Interiors
  • Description in free text
  • Choose from our 3D products
If you are in doubt as to which option is best for your house, building, interior or restaurant, we suggest you to create 3D visualization for them with the facade or interior decoration offered.

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