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Our realized projects speak for our experience and professionalism. Our job is your advantage - you get the best of facade decoration and architectural design

PS Designers

Our Services

Design & Sketch

We sketch the initial product of the client’s project. Thus we start off building an overall vision of the new facade

Conceptual Design & Sketch

We are challenged every day by the uniqueness of each building and facade architecture. Implementation would be impossible without knowing our customers. What matters most is what is your dream facade decoration so that we can make it real

Developing new concepts

Do you need professional consulting and design?
We can be useful in the following developments

  • Exterior & Facade
  • Interior Solutions
  • Facade Lighting
  • SPA & Bathroom Projects
  • Advertising Solutions
  • Modular Construction

3D Visualization &
& Technical Drawing

We visualize the facade and come up with ideas for decoration; we comment on the options. You send photos and receive suggestions and renders.

3D Visualization & Technical Drawing

3D Preview of your building

Visualizing your building facades and exterior is very important. You know in advance what facade profiles and ornaments look best. You have the exact profile sizes and pictures that make it easy to install them later. Most important - you get clarity of the overall appearance and reassure that it meets your needs.

Visualize new ideas

TTake advantage of our experience and skills in designing and visualizing the exterior of your building

  • 3D Visisualization Preview of all facades
  • Models of Ornaments
  • Scheme of functional elements
  • Environmental preview of the building
  • Technical drawing of the mounting elements


Collaborative work between designer and client – thanks to Autodesk A360, we can now communicate freely and make decisions together.

Online Consulting

Why teamwork is important

Each project is unique and requires frequent change and flexibility in the design of the facade elements. Working together with our clients often results in new products that are not only spectacular but also practical

We work together Online

We are discussing, modifying, taking notes and reviewing the project in real time, thanks to the Autodesk A360. The app automatically saves changes and comments. Save valuable time without searching through emails and different files for what you need.

Information &

We advise you on our products - which ones are best for your facade, how to install them, and how to maintain them.

Information & Support

Information on every single detail

The facade elements we offer are designed and manufactured with great care. To meet your needs, we put valuable knowledge and years of experience in them. Choosing the right product is an interesting task but when you choose only from quality products, it becomes fun!

follow up Care

Let's talk about our warranty program. Get acquainted with the warranty conditions and choose the best option for the maintenance of your facade.

Manufacturing &

Quality control of execution, fast deadlines and flexibility for each different client and facade project

Manufacturing & Product

CNC Cutting Foam Sharper

The PS Designers team has modern and high-quality equipment. First of all is the CNC Cutting Foam Shaper, which is a fully automated and computerized machine for three-dimensional cutting of styrofoam and fiber.

Coating machine

Polymer-acrylic coatings are machine applied to the facade profiles, moldings and ornaments. We call it the Foam Coating Machine. We use compressor equipment on details such as corbels, supports, capitals and other ornate decorations for perfect and robust protection of the product surface.

Packaging &

The product is packaged and delivered to the construction and mounted on the facade.

Packaging & Installation

All details are arranged and ready to ship

Our ornaments travel to anywhere in the world and are properly packaged and secured to arrive intact.

Facade Installation Service

We offer installation, grouting, and painting of the products we produce. If you decide to take advantage of this service, please contact us for more information. It is important to know that our polymer-acrylic coating is a great base for painting. You can use on it any kind of elastic facade paints and decorative water-based plasters.

3D Visualization

50 *
Your Style
  • Visualization of
    1 House
  • 3 V-Ray Renders of Facades & Ornaments
  • Autodesk A360 Online Model
  • Color Scheme
  • Materials Modeling
  • PS Designers

    Modern Style

  • PS Designers

    Color scheme

  • PS Designers

    Panneling Combination

  • PS Designers

    Hiding Gutters

* Plus VAT for EU customers


3D Visualization Home Style

V-Ray renders presenting your idea of home
V-Ray Renders of Facades & Ornaments
Technical Card PDF
2 Color Schemes RAL
Autodesk A360 Online Model
Starting At

300 €

3D Visualization Building Design

Complete V-Ray renders, Conceptual Design following your identity and vision
V-Ray Renders of Facades & Ornaments
Technical Card PDF
Color Schemes RAL
Autodesk A360 Online Model

1000 €

Facade Decoration Home Decor

Facade design for House. Classic design of terraces, doors and windows
Window Trim Profile 60 m'
Linear Stucco Profile 40 m'
Rustication Quoin Corner Stones 20 m'
Free 3D Visualization A360

1100 €

Facade Decoration Villa Decor

Luxury house vision. Modern complete decoration for facades
Window Trim Profile 100 m'
Linear Stucco Profile 50 m'
Stucco Main Cornice 50 m'
Free 3D Visualization A360

1800 €

Facade Decoration Premium Decor

Architectural facade ornaments for building design
Window Trim Profile 250 m'
Linear Stucco Profile 150 m'
Stucco Main Cornice 100 m'
Free 3D Visualization A360

4000 €

Facade Decoration Grand Decor

Special architectural forms. Large-scale project design for buildings and hotels
Window Trim Profile 500 m'
Linear Profile 300 m'
Main Cornice 200 m'
Free 3D Visualization A360

10000 €

Facade Ornamentation

Additional architectural ornaments and shapes
Columns & Capitals
Rustication Decoration
Frontons & Corbels
Decorative Panels and Profiles

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.

PS Designers

Our Products

  • PS Designers

    Window Collection | Window Frames

    Trim & Sill
  • PS Designers

    Crown Epistylia | Ornamented Profiles

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    Vertical Garden
    Interior & Exterior
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    Corbel | Frontons & Corbels

    Delux Composition
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    Letters & 3D Advertising

    Advertising Products
    Interior & Exterior
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    Gutter Cornice

    Crown Moldings
  • PS Designers

    Ceramic Inspiration | Glass Mosaic

    Trend Collection
    SPA & Bathroom
  • PS Designers

    Rustication & Ornaments

    Quoin & Insulation
  • PS Designers

    Panels & Design Walls

    Individual Proposals
    Interior & Exterior
  • PS Designers

    Chaise Longue | SPA & Wellness

    SPA Collection
    SPA & Bathroom

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