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Rustication Thermal Insulation for Buildings

Rustication is a time travel. Decorative masonry, the front surface of which can be roughly carved or smooth and gives the building massiveness and strength. It comes from the architecture of the ancient Roman Empire and later on the rising of medieval castles. It became popular again in the early Renaissance to the Baroque, when cold air was blowing from the facades on the ground floors of palaces.

Rusticated Thermal Insulation

PS Designers

Rusticated Facade

Acrylic Styrofoam Rustication Decorating Successfully Replaces Building Thermal Insulation and decorates it at the same time. You can choose from an old classic richer or a new modern more refined style.

We call the rustic facade decorated with flat panels, angular and square / rectangular elements such as stones and slabs, and there are linear grooves of type grooves in the horizontal and vertical planes.

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Architectural Highlights

Rustication Quoin Blocks, Stone Panels, Rustication Profile

Check out our completed project with rustication thermal insulation prefabricated panels. We used products for Rustication Classic Facade.

Rustication Quoin Blocks

Modern Rusticated Facade

PS Designers

Rustication Products

Rustication gives various sections and sizes, as well as ways of arranging them. It can be used for complete lining of different size stones or shapes. PS Designers Ltd. offers Styrofoam quoins, panels and stones with different cross sections and thicknesses, fully tailored to the client's wishes

The thermal insulation rustication panels and quoins produced by us are a great product that quickly and conveniently decorates the facade. They are made of high-density polystyrene or fiber with an elastic and very strong polymer coating.

PS Designers

Rustication & Thermal Insulation

The conceptual design has been specifically designed to the smallest rustication detail, with the idea that whole facade panels can be designed and manufactured to be a complete thermal insulation system with a decorative part integrated into it.

In this way, fast and high-quality installation is ensured and two consecutive construction and assembly operations are avoided - thermal insulation and then laying the decoration on the facade, which we merge into a simple and precise process.

Panels & Blocks

PS Designers

Products for easy installation of Rusticated Facade

Many of our designed rustication products have the option of a special click system that allows easy assembly of entire large panels on the facades. All decorative profiles, ornaments, columns and panels can be pre-built into the thermal insulation rustication system. The elements are made of high-density EPS styrofoam, with a strong and elastic polymer-acrylic coating.

Rustication Panels

Installation of Rusticated Facade

We offer the option for the rustication modules and panels to be without coating and subsequently after the installation of the facade to be coated as standard thermal insulation.

You can view all our rustication products such as stones, panels, profiles and quoins:

Rustication Molding

In particular, we present you a very interesting and functional product from our rustication offerings. This is a rustication profile joint for rusticated horizontal and vertical decoration of facades in combination with thermal insulation boards of styrofoam. We offer different sections of that molding profile and different sizes depending on the thickness of the thermal insulation.

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