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Facade Decoration for a building in Dobrich

We present you a wonderful building with facades in a modern light purple color of the facade plaster. We decorated the project with a Main Cornice, Window frames with several types of window panes and classic decorative rustication Styrofoam stone slabs.

Classic Facade Design

Decorated Facades

When accenting with a large Main Cornice, the whole facade decoration should not be cluttered, so we only frame windows with a suitable ornamental frame profile made of acrylic-coated polystyrene.

Crown Molding

Main Cornice

The medium-to-large roof molding profile decorates two levels of the facades and frames beautifully in the corners of the facade. The more corners one facade has, the more beautiful the main cornice stands.

Window Decoration

Classic window frame decoration profile. Its size is medium, with the idea of combining it with vertical rustication window panels.

Building Facade Decoration

Architectural Highlights

Rustication Window Panels, Universal Main Cornice, Window Frames

The modern color of the facade is in correspondence with the white painted decorative facade ornaments of Styrofoam.

Rustication Window Panels

Roof Cornice

Facade Panels

Two types of window rustication facade panels are separated in the vertical planes of the corner facade from the second to the fourth floor

Window Trim

The window profile is only used on the corner facade and the first floor, framing windows, panels and doors. Check out our suggestions for window frames:

Window Ornaments

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