Modern Facade Briz

Residential building in Briz quarter in Varna. Clean architectural facade design with corner flat pilasters, Main Cornice, in combination with classic window frames. Our task was to offer and produce clean classic shapes for decorating the facades of the building without overwhelming them, but at the same time framing and emphasizing them in a stylish and modern way.

Highlights with colors and decorative panels

Plain Facade Design

The flat corner columns decorate all the exterior corners of the facades and are completed by Medium to Large sized Cornice. Two contrasting facade colors of the plaster were used - the whole staircase, which corresponds to a vertical panel, as well as the outer terraces on the facades, is brighter.

Architectural Highlights

Flat Columns, Universal Main Cornice, Window Frames

We combined corner flat pillars without flutes, which we combined with a suitable Main Cornice.

We used a universal classic window profile that serves as both a window frame and a decorative panel.

Color Combination

Main Cornice for Capital and Roof Profile

Facade Corners

The corners of the facades are framed by flat columns and are finished with a main cornice, which decorates the facade in the roof area.

Main Cornice & Window Trim

We have selected classically refined shapes of profiles that are corresponding to the architectural style of the building

Window Trim & Stucco Molding

Modern Facade Design

Classic Stucco Trim

Although without a window profile, the window framing has a classic trim frame profile that blends in well with the other facade decorative elements.

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Beautiful Facade Design

Columns & Capitals

The overall appearance of the building inspires classic luxury and at the same time the facade fragility, which is a sought after combination in the modern facade design.

Window Vertical Decoration

Window Trim Decoration becoming one big Vertical Panel Decoration in different color is clever design idea.

Decorative panel in color and frame profile

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