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Hell of a good movie!

This may be the shortest summary in movie history I've ever heard, but it's an extremely accurate hit! Starting with the story, you go through the cast and masterfully filmed production and get to the elements - the highlights that make this tape a masterpiece ...
Has anyone watched the movie that doesn't remember the cult remarks: "Vanity is definitely my favorite sin" or "Do we negotiate - Always!" and definitely "I'm a humanist! I'm a fan of man."

Charlize Theron

Mary Ann Lomax

Cast & Plot

Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron - the star team did their best, so much so that I personally sometimes forget that Keanu and Charlize are partnering in another movie - Sweet November!

Young provincial lawyer Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) has never lost a case. He gets the chance of his life when he is spotted and hired by a major law firm in New York. The lawyer and his wife (Charlize Theron) are leaving for the Big Apple with the hope of a better life. They are bombarded with attention, money and luxury. Another question is what they get because Chief Kevin (Al Pacino) turns out to be the Devil himself ...

5 Star Movie

With a rating in IMDB 7.5 and number 1 in my personal rankings, I highly recommend it to everyone (if there are any people who haven't watched it)!

Al Pacino

John Milton
History is extremely enthralling to something as pervasive as the eternal struggle between good and evil, and many important aspects of each individual's spirituality are touched upon - his strengths, weaknesses, dreams and tragedies. Yes, the door that leads to temptation is wide and vanity is recognized as a sin, but everyone's choice is their right.

Keanu Reeves

Kevin Lomax
There is no way you can think of who you are - the good, the bad, or somewhere in the middle. The balance that you give yourself for your own life, choice and path is inevitable while watching this movie. And although with an unexpected ending, it leaves you with the hope that we can and should be better and appreciate the really important things in our lives.

Penthouse Classic Interior

5th Avenue, Trump Tower

Architectural Highlights

Ultra-modern animated interiors and classic exteriors have been used to recreate the movie line.

Production designer Bruno Rubéo is tasked with creating Milton's apartment, striving for a "very laid-back and very sexy" look.

The Fifth Avenue Trump Tower Penthouse was used for photos of Alexander Cullen's residence

The interior of the Church of Heavenly Rest in New York was used for the scene where Lomax's wife says Milton raped her. The exterior of the Central Presbyterian Church was filmed for Eddie Barzun's funeral, while Pacino was filmed at Holy Redeemer's Manhattan Church for the boiling of the holy water.

Sculptural Ornamentation

Animated Sculpture in John Milton's Apartment

And when I think about it, the evening is perfect for me to revisit it, with a glass of wine, to reflect a bit on the human mission here on this earth ... to rejoice the talented actors and see again those wonderful haloes with ornaments and statues in Devil's top luxury penthouse apartment :))) Ehhh, vanity, vanity ...

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