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Our Journey to Haifa

We will present you a special facade design and production of architectural elements for our foreign client. Get to know our work on this exciting journey. The tasks we are faced with are to hide all the gutters along the facade with a suitable main and inter-storey cornice. Accordingly, flat columns were provided for dressing the gutters. Another important point was the dressing of all metal pergolas with T and P shaped profile, which would be formed with the same facade plaster as the facades.

Window Frames

Classic Design

The window frames have classic cross-sectional, mid-to-large, trans-window, and window profiles, while the large French and stair windows are decorated with a picture frame mounted profile.

We combined two types of flat columns: clean and fluted, choosing a different but similar cap design. We have highlighted the mini-balconies on the second floor of each door with a classic front profile, which can be beautifully combined with wrought iron railings.

Architectural Design

Modern architectural solutions for family houses conquer the world quickly.

Gutter Cornice and Flat Columns for Downspout
We have relied on classic facade lighting that will emphasize mainly the capitals of the upstairs columns and partly the main cornice. According to our client's requirements, the window decoration corresponds to the design of classic window frames, which he liked as a child in a building that he saw on holiday abroad with his parents.
Facade Lighting in three colors
The overall appearance of the house inspires classic luxury of the facades, which is a sought-after combination in contemporary facade design.
Classic Facade Decoration
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