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Facade "Intertime"

We will present you a classic facade design and production of architectural elements for project in town of Sofia. The facade decoration adorns all the elements on the facade without heaving the detail. Windows, arches, terraces and corners in horizontal and vertical lines are decorated. Flat and Corner columns are successfully combined with window decoration and floor dividers.

Window Frames

Rich Facade Design

The window frames are decorated with a classic window profile with a keystone accent. On the top floor, all arched windows are decorated with the same curved window profile. Beautiful window panels emphasize window decoration and terraces. For the Window Cornice is a universal linear profile that emphasizes all the terraces.

Architectural Highlights

Arches, Columns, Decorative Panels

Flat & Corner Columns

We combined two types of flat columns with different widths: straight and corner columns. We decorated with flat foundations and capitals. For the two round columns on the last floor, we used the same section of the cap, made in a semicircular capitol.

We used a universal profile that serves both Main Cornice, Terrace Profile, and Window Profile

Classic Facade Decoration

The overall appearance of the building inspires classic luxury and at the same time varied facade , which is a sought after combination in the modern facade design.

Linear Inter-Floor Profile for Terraces

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