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We produce our products creatively, innovatively and with great care. Our goal is comfort and a sense of identity

Facade Decoration
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Architectural Details and Facade Profiles of Styrofoam and XPS

We manufacture unique facade decoration which can satisfy the most innovative architectural projects. If you are renovating a specific architectural style or implementing a new building or facade project, we can offer a wide range of cretive 3D suggestions and practical solutions. The facade stucco profiles and ornaments perfectly combine with the textured plasters and architectural ornaments made by us
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    Modern Design

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    Color Scheme

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    Paneling Combination

Creative 3D Projects

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Our conceptual designs of facade decoration are made by our own stucco profiles and styrofoam ornaments. Information about the full range of our decoration products can be found here. The decorative facade profiles are made of high density polystyrene. They are weatherproof coated and have natural appearance.
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Color Scheme Solutions

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    Entrance Decoration & Arches

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    Window Frames & Corbels

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    Roof Cornice & Ornamentation

What We Offer?

Creative 3D Projects & Product Scenes

The whole vision of each project consists of single scenes with accents of products we produce. Main moldings or window decoration, decorating the facade space, or decorative porticos style entrance proposals, our 3D renderings are practical suggestions for the facade decoration of your buildings.

Benefits & Quality

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Due to its qualities, the facade decoration remains stable and unchanged over time. Installation is fast and easy for all types of facade coating; no need of specific or laborious preparation of the base

Need Inspiration?

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You can choose from our 3D ideas for decorating houses, buildings and hotels. Take a look at the facade decorative elements that we produce and inspire your creative ideas.

Facade Decoration & Its Benefits

  • Easy and individual layout
  • Lightweight, strong and durable workmanship
  • Decoration tailored to the client's wishes
  • Durable elastic coating for weather protection
  • It takes twice less time to produce and assemble than other materials
  • Easy installation, no special treatment required
  • Speed, safety and efficiency during installation
  • Economically and technically more profitable

Easy Installation

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Our facade decoration is easy and quick to install. Due to its light weight, no additional reinforcement is required and mounting is performed only with the help of a special adhesive. The elements can be cut with a simple hand-held cutting tool to the required length and width and at the desired angle without breaking their stucco coating
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Modern Style Decoration

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Classic Facade Decoration

Color Designs

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The protective coating is a great base for painting with ordinary facade paints in a wide range of colors. The facade stucco profiles allow preserving the integrity and authenticity of the building during renovation. They provide character and style.
Our customers are convinced from the very beginning that our products are works of facade art in contemporary architecture. Facade decorative profiles have unique and versatile application on each facade and can be used not only outside but also in the interior. Profiles can also be used to perfectly frame windows, doors and facade elements
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Decoration Between Floors

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Corbels & Window Trim

The individual order is a process that begins with visualization of your site and ends with production and installation of each product you desire. Short list of products available for production and decoration:

Rustication & Window Moldings

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Our 3D renderings are accoring to client's preferences for facade and architectural style. We combine classic decorative elements such as rustication and window frames with modern finishes and colors.
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Modern Facade Decoration for Building

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Complete Facade Decoration


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Options for decorating windows, facade space and Main Cornice with the ability to hide gutters. Support Corbels and ornaments for panels above and below windows. Our offerings include many options ....

Cultural Monuments

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We offer 3D Design and production of facade decorative ornaments for restoration of old buildings - Monuments of Culture. Our services range from complete restoration of elements to styling and replacement of existing decoration with appropriate profiles and shapes.
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Design for Classic Buildings

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Description of Facade Decoration Products

Facade Main Cornices

A Cornice is a profile which is a decorative ornament or an element of a building's facade. Depending on the location and the architectural style, it can be main cornice, crown moulding, plinth profile, base floor cornice, window sill or window trim. Usually installed where the roof meets the shotguns, slabs, etc., as a transition from the facade to the roof.

Frame Profiles

Deco profiles suitable for decorating both the window space and the framing of various architectural elements. Window Trim & Sill

Facade Linear Profiles

Horizontal decorative profiles along the facade of the building. Their function is to outline and separate the floors of the building

Under, above and around Window Profiles

Window Sill & Trim Profiles. Facade profile of custom size and shape for exterior decoration, which could be mounted around the window opening or under stone window sill. It is also used to decorate entrances and doors

Fluted Profile for Rustication

Profiles used to imitate rustic flutes similar to the columns of the facade. They are installed between the sheets of a thermal insulation system and mounted with its reinforcement. They serve to recreate a facade that looks like a regular stone wall. Rustication smooth-faced and quoin corner stones

Flat and Round Columns

The antique column plays a supporting role and has always added grandeur to buildings. This is why it needs a decoration consisting of a base, a capital and a body. We execute all kinds of columns of the ancient architectural orders. Pilaster Pediments, Pillars & Semicolumn. Here you can also find a description of the connections between columns and façade ornaments such as arches, window profiles, floors, supports and all the rest. We manufacture varoious column shells to decorate & surround existing old columns.
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Gutter Cornice

Facade Decorative Supports & Corbels

The console corbels & supports are decorative facade elements that are intended to emphasize the architectural style of the building. They often simulate that they take on the load of heavy elements such as terraces, balconies, etc. The architectural elements exiting the facade. Placed in the right place, they help the architecture visually follow the line in section


A pediment is a finish of windows and architectural elements which need a hat in the shape of a triangle. We tailor our products to the wishes of our customers and we can add identity to any pediment & fronton using letters, logos or other decorative forms

Rustication & Quoin

Rectangular panels for the corners of the building, with different sizes emphasizing the corners of the building and imitating stone slabs. These elements, together with the columns, are the addition of rustication profiles on the facade plane. Regular smooth-faced rustication turns to horizontal banded rustication at the corner

Decorative Arches & Vaults

An arch is a vaulted structure, commonly found in windows and colonnades. We can help you smooth the line of your arches due to the precise radius of the curve of our products

Key Stones and Decorative Facade Ornaments

A keystone is an element marking the top of an arch or vault, which has the function of constructively supporting the element centrally in one piece so that it does not collapse

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Your Dream House

Design & Decorate ...

Our manufactured facade decorative profiles and coated ornaments are ready for installation. Exterior decoration includes any decorative element that is mounted on the facade of a building or house and gives it a unique style. We can help you with the ornaments for your facade
Decorating the facade of a building is a responsible task in which we are specialists!

Modern Interior Solutions

The interior decoration creates the design and uniqueness of any space. We recommend the ornaments to be adjusted to the room height and layout
We choose the style and shape of our interior products especially for you

SPA Products & Modules

We design and manufacture luxury forms for spa areas, baths and pools. Take advantage of the facilities of the relax center. Design glass ceramics & glass mosaic solutions
Our solutions will satisfy your biggest dreams!

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Projects we've made

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  • Duxe

    Columns | Capitals | Moldings
  • Marmus

    Main Cornice | Facade Moldings

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