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Modern Architectural Solutions

The first house that inspired us is extremely spacious and this is due to the large windows that make the home from the inside look larger than it is. This house is inspired by a burnt tree trunk. It is located at a high level so that its inhabitants can enjoy an impressive view.

Modern comfort and warmth

Modern Minimalism

Modern clean lines on our second proposal for architectural minimalist design. We personally don't think the accent that the fashions have on the facade is a decorative element, but we love the combination of wood and bricks used as facade cladding.

Sharp straight lines, minimalist design, modern facade decor and classic wood paneling.

Architectural Design

Modern architectural proposals for family homes conquer the world quickly.

Sea Comfort

Futuristic design inspired by geometric shapes. Standard building materials such as concrete, metal, etalbond and glass combine to be clean but at the same time luxurious in this architecture and façade layout.


Flawed detail and matching the terrain - modern construction is a challenge that conquers the environment without disturbing it and looking stylish.

Savannah Design

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