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Elegant Facade


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August - November 2017

Services & Products

  • Conceptual Design & Sketch
  • Manufacturing & Product
  • Packaging & Installation
  • Rustication & Thermal Insulation
  • Complete Facade Decoration
  • PS Designers

    Rustication & Insulation

  • PS Designers

    Architectural Elements

  • PS Designers

    Classic & Modern Design

  • PS Designers

    Flat Columns

  • PS Designers

    Window Trim & Frame Decoration


    The Goal

    Restoration of the facade of an architectural monument of culture by the famous architect from Varna town. The conceptual design is specifically designed & manufactured to the smallest rustic detail to design the facade panels to be a complete thermal insulation system with a decorative part built into it.
    In this way, fast and high-quality installation is ensured and two consecutive construction and assembly operations are avoided - thermal insulation and then laying the decoration on the facade, which we merge into a simple and precise process.

    Design is the point where science and art meet
    Robin Mathe


    The complete decoration on both facades includes a thermal insulation rustication system over 300 sq.m. from high density EPS. The designed ornaments have a special click system for easily assembling the entire large panels on the facade. All decorative profiles, ornaments, columns and panels are built into the rustication system.

    The rustication decoration and flat corner columns are designed to fitand hide the gutters. The window classic trim decoration is suitable combined with flat columns that are framed in units and pairs according to ornate windows and frames facade decorations. All window frames have a L-shaped window stucco profile facing for precise installation.

    PS Designers


    Moldings | Columns | Rustication


    Facade Decoration Triumph

    Complete Rustication with Insulation & Facade Decoration
    Insulation & Rustication Panels
    Free 3D Visualization A360

    20000 €

    • Window Trim Decoration

    • Rustication & Thermal Insulation

    • Linear Inter-Floor Stucco Cornice

    • Flat Facade Columns

    • Window Rustication Panels


      The Result

      The completed facade vision is a classic luxury with a smooth transition to a clean and modern look, in keeping with the rest of the building. The direction is from the first to the third floor and the visual separation of the two styles is brilliant.
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