Case Study


Rich Facade Building Decoration


Private Client


April 2014

SErvices & Products

  • Conceptual Design & Sketch
  • Manufacture & Product
  • Main Gutter Cornice
  • Window Stucco Frames
  • Rustication Quoin
  • Frontons & Ornaments

The Goal

Facade decoration for newly built twin buildings in a maritime complex. Classic window frames, rustic cornerstone panes, Main gutter cornice, Classic Fronton Gables.

Every great design begins with an even better story.
Lorinda Mamo
  • Linear Molding Cornice

  • Window & Doorway Molding Frames

  • Rustication Quoins | Frontons

  • Quoin & Angle Key Stones

  • Main Gutter Cornice | Pediments

  • Universal Stucco Molding | Window Frames



    The window frames are with classic small to medium sized window molding profile. The universal cornice is both a storey and a profile for the terraces. Classic pediments crown the skylights.

    The Quoin angular decorative rustic panels frame vertically all the corners of the facades and separate the small side facades. Main Cornice hides all gutters and elegantly merges the transition between the facade and the roof, creating a visual base for the pediments to step on.

    PS Designers


    Main Gutter Cornice | Rustication Quoins | Window Trim & Sill | Pediments


    Facade Decoration Mar'Visum

    Window Frames, Moldings, Rustication Quoin Panels, Facade Decoration
    Universal Stucco Molding 200 m'
    Window Trim Molding 300 m'
    Rustication Quoin Panels 100 m'
    Main Gutter Cornice 100 m'
    Frontons 28 pcs
    Free 3D Visualization A360

    14900 €

    The Result

    Elegant classic exterior design, stylish facade in modern color and rich ornament in white for contrast
    Used Products in Project Mar'Visum


    by PS Designers

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