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October - November 2017

Services & Products

  • Conceptual Design & Sketch
  • Manufacturing & Product
  • Packaging & Installation
  • Rustication & Thermal Insulation
  • Window Trim & Frame Decoration

The Goal

Stylish horizontal decoration of the front facade with a rustication joint profile for installation in the thermal insulation system. Decoration of all windows with universal cornice, which will play the role of both a window under and a window above profile.

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.
Cameron Moll
  • Rustication Facade

  • Window Decoration

  • Universal Cornice

  • Rustication Profile

  • Window Trim & Sill Decoration


    Building The Concept

    Interesting in this development of facade decoration is the Cornice, which serves both under and over window profile of the windows on the front facade. It is made in several different heights to match the discrepancies in the distances between all the windows.

    The same shape, but smaller in size, is the window profile of the windows on the terraces. The window stucco profiles are with classic flat column shape - three-groove pilasters and are of medium size. The rustication profile is with the thickness of the thermal insulation boards and is built into them.

    PS Designers


    Rustication | Window Trim & Sill Profiles


    Facade Decoration Carbo

    Rustication Decoration and Building Decoration Profiles
    Rustication Profile 200 m'
    Window Trim Stucco Profile 100 m'
    Universal Cornice 50 m'
    Free 3D Vusualization A360

    2400 €

    The Result

    Elegant exterior design, stylish facade in dark color and silver painted decoration.
    Used Products in Project Carbo


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