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Modern City Facade


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January 2018

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The Goal

Choosing a classic Linear Interfloor profile that blends in with the modern facade and visually separates the different levels of the building.

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.
Le Corbusier

Building The Concept

The Linear Interfloor profile is about the size of a main cornice so that it can perform both roles at the same time.

His role as a divider cutting off the classic and rustic facade obligates his choice of form.

Ps Designers


Interfloor Linear Cornice


Facade Decoration A'Seen

Linear Facade Decorating
Interfloor Stucco Linear Cornice 100 m'
Free 3D Visualization A360

1900 €

The Result

A classic accent in a beautiful, impressive modern facade.
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