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  • PS Designers

    How it all began ;)

    PS Designers was founded in 2007 with the main activity of design, manufacture and implementation of innovative styrofoam and fiber products in dry construction, such as molding profiles and ornaments for facade decoration.
  • Product Innovation

    The need for innovation

    In 2010, PS Designers develops technology for applying its own polymer-acrylic coating for styrofoam and thus achieves maximum quality of profiles and products, protecting them from atmospheric and mechanical influences in the exterior environment.
  • Now you see me

    One completed cycle

    Our activity includes manufacture of the elements as well as the preliminary preparation for the visualization, design and installation of each detail. We use software for pre-testing products at the computer level, as well as the development of pre-3D visualization and processing

Rumen Tultukov

CEO / Creative Director

Presiyana Tultukova

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Mili Atanasova

Creative & Marketing Manager

One day with PS Designers

Since 2007


Architectural ornaments, or so-called embossed ornamental decorations for facades and interiors, have a long history. The decoration of walls, facades and ceilings with decorative elements in various forms is an old architectural tradition. Today, we use this rich heritage and rely on ancient proportions when designing every new facade detail


Visit us or invite us for a visit. Our team is made up of skilled professionals who put all their skills and knowledge, such as creativity, attention to detail and innovative thinking, into the implementation of any standard and non-standard project. We are challenged daily - the uniqueness of the architecture of each building and facade

PS Designers

Teamwork is so Important for Us


Implementation would be impossible without knowing our customers. We mentioned the uniqueness of each project. Working together with our clients and the common goal of a successful end result requires frequent change and flexibility in the design of the facade elements. From this experience, many new products are born that are not only spectacular but also practical. What matters most to us is how did you envision the dream decoration so that we can make it a reality

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Clients we’ve worked for

  • Advent

    Columns | Rustication | Window Frames
  • Triumph

    Moldings | Columns | Rustication
  • A'Seen

    Main Cornice | Facade Molding
  • Carbo

    Rustication | Window Trim & Sill Frames
  • Auxilium

    Corbels | Moldings | Rustication
  • Sententia

    Rustique Decoration | Moldings | Columns
  • Sophie

    Fronton | Window Frames | Moldings
  • N'Elum

    Corbels | Window Trim | Gutter Cornice
  • Mar'Visum

    Fronton |Arches | Moldings
  • Omnia

    Window Trim Frames | Facade Moldings
  • Sа'Phery

    Arches | Columns | Main Cornice
  • Fabrique

    Facade Linear Moldings
  • Château

    Rustication | Main Cornice | Window Trim | Moldings
  • Duxe

    Columns | Capitals | Moldings
  • Marmus

    Main Cornice | Facade Moldings